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Welcome you to my Monkey Playr Reviews!
If you want to turn a YouTube video into your own one, I will introduce a new product called Monkey Playr. Thanks to this product, you can create a new and attractive video to add to your site from an available video on Youtube. And therefore, you can make money on autopilot without investing much time and money.
If you want to get more information about this product, let read my honest review. This Monkey Playr Reviews will share you with the overview, features, and advantages of this product.

monkey playr reviews

Monkey Playr Reviews – Overview

Product: Monkey Playr

Vendor: Promote Labs Inc

Launch Date: May 16th, 2016

Launch Time: 00:01 EDT

Front-End Price: $20

Niche: Video

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monkey playr reviews

monkey playr

Monkey Playr is a new product which is created by Promote Labs Inc. This product will be launched on May 16th, 2016 with just $20. This is an affordable price for the beginners who want to start making money through the marketing video.

Monkey Playr is a new tool or is considered as the new ‘play anywhere’ embedded video customizer that is built for YouTube and you. With this product, you are possible to add any video from YouTube to your own blog or website with the unique and striking features. In other words, Monkey Playr will help you edit any video on YouTube to drive it to your own.

Monkey playr reviews

Demo #1: The above demo is autoplaying this video starting at 0 seconds with 853×480, 1080HD resolution – we’ve left in the regular YouTube player controls visible for this demo.

Monkey playr reviews

Demo #2: The above demo is playing this video we set it to start playing at 6 seconds into the video and ended it at 20 seconds, 853×480, 720HD resolution – We’ve also removed the player controls.

Monkey playr reviews

Demo #3: The above demo is playing this video starting at 0 seconds with 853×480, 720HD resolution – We’ve also added a clickable watermark (Pro Feature)

Monkey playr reviews

Demo #4: The above demo is playing this video starting at 0 seconds and with a 355×200 72HD resolution – We’ve disabled all controls and annotations.  We’ve also added share buttons (Pro Feature)

Monkey playr reviews

Demo #5: The above demo is playing this video starting at 0 seconds with 853×480 720HD resolution.  All controls are disabled and we’ve added a clickable call to action (Pro Feature) at 15 seconds in.


With Monkey Playr, You do not need to download and install anything. What you need to do is only to create your account and log in, then, you are able to start to do anything you want. From the dashboard, you will be enabled to control and manage everything. For example, you can preview the video that you created, and you can also edit live items from your dashboard when you go back.

Money Playr is able to work with any YouTube videos, and work well on any website and blog.


  • Start and Stop Timer

You can use Monkey Playr to set your video’s start and end times. It will help you show the visitors the entire video or a section of the video that you want them to watch.

  • Autoplay Videos

As you know, the great sales letters and opt-in pages are the keys in order to help you reach the high conversion rates as you desire. Understand this, Monkey Playr allows you to automatically start playing any video instantly.

  • Unbranded player

If you want to create a simple, clean and unbranded player, you can select the Modest Branding option to remove the logo of YouTube from the player. With this feature, the YouTube video will be edited, renewed and become a new video on your site.

  • Loop Your Videos

With the help of Monkey Playr, you are able to choose to playback any video and playlist. Or you can also disable the related video if you need.

  • Https and Forced HD

Monkey Playr will serve the video on your website or blog with the added extra security of HTTPS as well as the force 720/1080 HD. Thus, your visitors can see all videos that look great.

  • Work with MP4 Video

Monkey Playr works not only with the YouTube videos but also with MP4 video files. Thus, your videos will be stored on the web server or in the cloud with popular services like Amazon S3 easily.

  • Edit player centrally

Once you have created a video and embedded it on your site, you are able to edit and control all things from your central dashboard easily. You will have the ability to change the videos remotely across multiple sites.

  • For HTML and WordPress

You can use Monkey Playr on HTML and PHP sites. The smart script snippets can also work on WordPress that makes adding videos to the posts and pages easy.

monkey playr reviews


  • Monkey Playr is a web-based service (SaaS), so you do not have to waste much time to installs or fret about editing any code.
  • You will not need to spend thousands of dollars and will not be controlled with the limited viewers with the paid video hosting. You are able to take advantages of the amazing power of YouTube that is completely free and reliable.
  • Monkey Playr was primarily created to enhance the playback of YouTube videos. However, you are able to use the MP4 files to play the video which you want to see.
  • With Monkey Playr, you can start and stop any video anywhere you want. You only need to choose which section of the video you want the viewers to see.
  • You can redirect the viewers to any URL link at the end of the video. It means that you can drive the viewers to a specific page or link after they have finished seeing your video simply. All you need to do is to set the redirect URL in the player dashboard and at the end of playback, and then, the viewers are going to be redirected automatically.
  • Furthermore, Monkey Playr can also work with all site building tools such as WordPress, OptimizePress, Shopify, LeadPages, ProfitBuilder, Click Funnels, Landingpage Monkey, Content Builder, and more.
  • With Monkey Playr, you will get no recurring and no rebill costs, and you will get a lifetime account. Moreover, you can create the unlimited number of video on your website.
  • You will have a 30-day money back guarantee if you buy this product. If you are not satisfied with Monkey Playr, you can return it and get your money back without any question.

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Monkey Playr is one of the most useful products that helps you promote the brand and the product, increase the sale and boost your business easily and powerfully through the YouTube video on your site. What a great product!

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monkey playr reviews

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monkey playr reviews